Some of our greatest joys and challenges arise in our relationships with other human beings. Practising mindfulness and meditation can help us become more aware and present in our lives and enhance our capacity to manage stress.

Relational Mindfulness (RM) takes this a step further by bringing our practice of mindfulness right into the moment of interaction with others. This can help us be more present, aware and resourceful in our relationships, thereby enabling us to build quality relationships and deal more effectively with the stresses that arise when relating with others.

This programme will enable you to experience and explore RM and its potential for building collaborative and insightful relationships in the workplace and elsewhere.

We offer a 2-hour online workshop as a first step and an in-person two-half-day programme.
Attending the introductory session does not commit you to enrol on the two-half-day programme.
Attending the introductory session before attending the two-half-day programme is strongly recommended but not required.

Programme facilitator

Dr Emma Donaldson-Feilder, a Registered Occupational Psychologist, Chartered Coaching Psychologist, Coach Supervisor and Relational Mindfulness Teacher. For more information, see the Affinity website.