Information and Booking

Trainer: Dr Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Affinity
Cost: Internal, no charge.
External not available
Duration: 2 hours.
Format: Online
31 January - (14:00-16:00)

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The aims of this session are for you to experience RM practice and how it can help us:

  • Bring present moment and non-judgemental awareness to speaking and listening
  • Build moment-by-moment awareness of our own and others’ relational patterns
  • Develop supportive, collaborative relationships with a greater understanding of and kindness towards each other
  • Establish more resilient ways of being in relationships and more flexible ways of dealing with challenging moments with other people
  • Explore how to bring greater wisdom to our interactions with other people

Learning objectives

  • Understand what RM is
  • Explore how RM can support quality relationships by bringing greater awareness and receptivity to speaking and listening, being more resilient in relationships and bringing greater wisdom into interactions with others
  • Experience RM and appreciate the experiential learning possible when we bring moment-by-moment awareness into speaking and listening.

Session format

The two-hour online session will combine experiential activities, guided individual mindfulness and RM practices, with group discussion and information input.
In RM practice, you will engage in mindful dialogue in pairs or small groups, with each pair/group practising in a separate Zoom breakout room.

Pre and post-session materials

Before the session, to help you prepare, you will be provided with an article about RM to read and guidance on how to get the most from the session. After the session, you will receive a further article and other resources to support follow-up.