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September 2019

Welcome back to the start of a new academic year 2019-20

... and the Learning and Development Centre (LDC) safety training programme. Learning is a strategic necessity for organisations and organisations learn through individuals.  Safety training enables the College community to acquire skills, knowledge and together with experience enable individuals to become competent in the safety aspects of their work.

Safety has achieved a higher profile at the College and there is a renewed emphasis on Safety Leadership Training targeted at academics, principal investigators, senior managers and supervisors. From this year, it will also become an elective in the Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme (ILMDP). This training is provided by Eversheds Sutherland Solicitors who specialise in the defence and prosecution of health and safety offences, and will focus on individual health and safety duties and responsibilities. This safety training can be seen as an important step in changing behaviour and improving safety culture.

Month One Safety Training (MOST) new version online

For the past year, the Safety Department, a group of safety officers, and the Learning and Development Centre have worked collaboratively to create a new version of the online course: Month One Safety Training (MOST).

The course aims to raise your awareness of the processes and people behind safety management at the College, as well as your personal responsibilities, to help ensure your own safety, and that of any other people whilst you are at work.

If you haven't already completed this course, we encourage you to work through this new version.

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Course Highlight:

First Aid for Off Site Workers: Fieldwork/Outdoors First Aid

Who Should Attend

Expedition leaders, researchers working in remote locations, single person fieldwork in tropical, arctic and challenging environments and those undertaking outdoor pursuits. This qualification lasts for 3 years after which you should attend this course again to re-qualify.
During this 3 year period, it is highly recommended that you attend the course First Aid Refresher + AED to practise your skills at least 18 months before your qualification expires.

Key Areas

  • Introduction, mountain rescue, mountain safety & survival
  • Scene assessment, communication & delegation, safety & hygiene
  • Primary survey-trauma/non-trauma (recovery position./immobilisation)
  • "Chain of survival" - CPR, resuscitation and relevance in the outdoors
  • Airway problems - choking and artificial airway fitting
  • First aid kits for work and the mountain environment
  • Shock - types, treatment and importance when help is delayed
  • Practical session on splinting using improvised splints, Sam splints and other commercially available splints
  • Practical sessions on spinal immobilisation and moving patients
  • Environmental problems: heat stress, hypothermia, altitude sickness
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Below is just a selection of our courses. Full list of Safety training courses here  
Management of Radiation Protection at Imperial College e-Learning - 24/7
Module 3: Radiation Protection for Users of Unsealed Sources  e-Learning - 24/7
Module 4: Radiation Protection for users of X-Rays e-Learning - 24/7
Cryogenic Liquids and Decanting Liquid Nitrogen e-learning e-Learning - 24/7
Compressed gases and connecting gas regulators e-learning e-Learning - 24/7
First Aid for Off Site Workers: Fieldwork/Outdoors First 19 & 20 Sep 2019 SK
Manual Handling and Lifting for Users 23 September 2019 (am or pm) SK
Fire Prevention and Fire Safety at Work (Hall Warden) 24 September 2019 SK
First Aid at Work Qualification + AED (Blended) for Security   24 & 25 Sep 2019 SK
Fire Prevention (Practical) (10:00 - 11:00 or 11:30 - 12:30)   25 September 2019 SK 
Fire Prevention (Practical) (14:00 - 15:00)   25 September 2019 WC 
Emergency First Aid at Work + AED for Hall Wardens  26 September 2019 SK 
Fire Warden Training 26 September 2019 SK 
Compressed Gases and Connecting Gas Regulators (Practical)  27 September 2019 SK  
Cryogenic Liquids and Decanting Liquid Nitrogen (Practical)  27 September 2019 SK 
First Aid at Work Qualification + AED (Blended) 01 & 02 October 2019 SK 
Emergency First Aid at Work + AED 03 October 2019 SK 
Laboratory Safety - Foundation Training 09 October 2019 SK 
Laboratory Safety - Foundation Training 17 October 2019 HM 
Safe Use of Vacuum Pumps 28 October 2019 SK
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