1. The Health and Safety Training Matrix is intended to enable all managers to identify the health and safety training needs for the staff and students working for them.
  2. The first page identifies the training needs for the separate roles included in the Health and Safety Structure, Roles and Responsibilities
  3. The training falls into three general categories:
    • mandatory.
    • mandatory depending on the staff / student activity.
    • desirable where relevant to the activity.
  4. Training is also proactive, enabling staff to acquire the skills and knowledge that, with experience, makes them competent in the health and safety aspects of their work or enables them to elicit an appropriate reactive response where necessary  (e.g. in relation to emergency procedures).  It is desirable to achieve a balance between the two.
  5.  The remaining pages should be used in conjunction with this to determine the individual training needs of each member of staff and each student.  The inclusion of completion dates on this form will also allow it to be used as a record of health and safety training.
  6. It is intended that Line Managers regularly review the training needs of their staff and students.  The time scale is dependant on how rapidly the job / research evolves, on the length of contract, or as a result of any indicators (such as accidents), that greater competency is required.

Follow this link for the Training Matrix .