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There are a variety of ways to procure travel and related services at Imperial.  We have a combination of preferred suppliers, some additional suppliers (to our preferred ones) and also in-house solutions to meet your needs.  This site aims to direct you to the best supplier for your travel needs and requirements.

Our objective is to make travel as simple and as safe as possible and our approach to travel (as a category of spend) will develop over time. Procurement will work with you and our suppliers to ensure excellent levels of service from our suppliers as well as good value for money.

Preferred travel suppliers
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Eurostar and International Rail

International Car Hire

Passport and Visas

Conferences Meeting and Events

Group air bookings

Egencia Travel Advisor and Safety Information  

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Airbnb Accommodation for stays over 3 days Accommodation
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Taxis Local and UK taxis Taxis and coaches
Coaches Local and UK coaches

Taxis and coaches

referred Travel Suppliers

Why use preferred suppliers?

While it is possible to book travel directly with suppliers (e.g. airlines, hotels and car rental companies), Imperial College recommends travel is booked through its network of preferred suppliers.

Many of our preferred suppliers have been selected through competitive bidding.  Each supplier contract is underpinned by a working relationship that aims to capitalise on Imperial’s spending power and ensure that travel is covered by agreed service levels.

Many of our supplier relationships will feature:

  • an excellent level of customer service, support and account management;
  • agreed transaction charges and access to discounted pricing and fares;
  • customer care and support, including out of hours support;
  • a duty of care and responsibility and traveller tracking;
  • a clear link back to the College travel policy;
  • the use of Purchase Orders as the main method of facilitating payment.