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Victoria Stanger - Strategic Purchasing Advisor
Phone: +44 (0)207 594 8592

Motor insuranceDriving at Work Code of Practice [PDF, 988kB]

If you have to hire a car while on business, you must obtain approval from the relevant approver before you arrange the hire.  Please note that the College has its own fleet of approximately 60 vehicles, including minibuses, which are under Departmental or Student Union control. Please check the availability of these vehicles before hiring externally. Use of College vehicles for purely private purposes is prohibited.

If hiring a car is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way of reaching your destination, book through the College’s approved car hire providers.  The class of vehicle booked should be the minimum size and specification necessary to allow duties to be performed.  The preferred suppliers for car rental in the UK are Enterprise and Hertz (including the Hertz Car Club).

You must follow the conditions outlined in the Expenses Policy under Car hire.

UK Car hire and Car Club

UK car hire

Ensure that you have a valid purchase order raised for the booking. If you have permission to raise purchase orders, use the Car hire link on the iProcurement front page, ensuring the correct supplier is selected.

You must supply the following details when placing your booking:

  • The hire is for Imperial College London business
  • The vehicle type required
  • The dates and times the vehicle is needed (from and to)
  • The name of person that car will be hired under
  • Name of the person that is making the booking
  • Contact phone numbers
  • A valid purchase order number
  • The customer/account number as specified below for each supplier

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

To place a reservation when travelling on College business, please contact Victoria Stanger to register for access to the online booking tool.  
The customer number is HEU113.   You can also book direct with the Park Royal branch by calling (+44) 020 7706 1819 and quoting Account Ref:  HEU113

For personal travel, please call (+44) 08703 503 000.  There is a 10 – 20% discount for staff if a vehicle is required for personal use.  Please use account number “AFIMPER”. 

If you need to escalate an issue, please contact the Enterprise Account Manager Russell Murphy by either mobile (+44) 07979 610 591 or email  .   

Hertz UK ltd

To place a reservation with Hertz UK Ltd you can:

  • Book by telephone by calling (+44) 020 7365 3338 or (+44) 087 0844 8844 and quote "AGENT" as the automated message starts.
  • Book online by registering with Hertz click here to get started.

The Corporate Discount Programme (CDP) number is 599137 and the account number is 26463434- 9981.

Contact Customer Relations by calling (+44) 020 7365 3369 or emailing  If you need to escalate an issue please contact the Hertz Account Manager Ava Winhall by either mobile (+44) 0773 999 0850 or email . 

Hertz car club

The Imperial College Car Club gives students and staff access to a fleet of cars and electric vehicles conveniently parked on campus. The cars can be used for business or leisure purposes and membership is free for life.  Cars on campus can be rented from £4.50 per hour.

How to qualify

To qualify for membership, you need to have College ID, a driving licence valid for the UK and be over the age of 19. If you’re under the age of 21, then you also need to have been a named driver on an insurance policy, having driven accident free for at least one year.

How to register

If you would like to hire the vehicle for business or personal use on our Account, please register (a College email account must be used to register) using the link Signup/Profile,  you will only be able to register if you have a booking to make.  Once registered, please email Victoria Stanger‌ with:

  • the address you have registered with
  • a copy of your driving license if it is not issued by the UK
  • a Purchase Order number for payment of invoices if travelling on College business

Once you have been set up you will be sent an email directly from Hertz and instructions on how to book the vehicles.

Location of vehicles

The cars will be based at South Kensington in the Queen's Tower Car Park adjacent to the Skempton Building in Car Club marked parking bays.  Designated parking is also available at the other campuses as follows:

  • Hammersmith Hospital - Rear Loading Area, next to L-Block
  • St Mary’s Paddington - Rear of Main Research Building
  • Charring Cross Hospital - Outside Reynolds Building
  • Silwood Park (Ascot, Berkshire) - Visitors Car Park, next to Security Reception

Parking for car club vehicles at Hammersmith, Charing Cross, St Mary's and Silwood Park campuses needs to be pre-arranged with the Building Manager prior to arrival.  Please see Buildings Managers for contact details.

How to access your vehicle 

  • 10 minutes before the rental is due to start, the driver receives the PIN code via a text message and email.
  • The driver (as long as they have the code and are at the right vehicle) enters the PIN on the PIN pad on the screen.
  • The vehicle will open if it is the correct vehicle and correct PIN.


The Business Customer line can be contacted on (+44) 020 7365 3381. 

Car Club benefits

Members of the Imperial College Car club will also be able book and drive over 50,000 cars, vans and electric vehicles globally using the same RFID device.