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Chantal Coulson - Insurance Manager

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Motor Insurance

College or UK hired Vehicles

All vehicles driven on the road must have third party motor insurance to comply with Road Traffic legislation.  The College has approximately 60 vehicles and items of plant such as trailers and fork lift trucks.  All appropriately licensed drivers are insured to drive College vehicles.  Driving by individuals who are not College staff or students is strongly discouraged. The relevant vehicle-operating Department is responsible for ensuring appropriate driver licensing and roadworthiness of vehicles.

Motor Insurance (pdf) 

What is covered?

  • All College owned, leased and hired vehicles in the UK.

What is not covered?

  • Any vehicle hired overseas
  • Vehicles privately owned by employees

What is the Policy Excess?

  • £250 excluding windscreens, fire or theft claims.

College owned vehicles

The Insurance Manager, on behalf of the Director of Financial Services & Procurement maintains a database in respect of all vehicles for which the College is the registered keeper. It is essential that the Insurance Manager is notified immediately of any changes to the vehicle fleet.

Insurance Manager’s responsibilities:

  • Ensuring appropriate registration with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).  In accordance with the Colleges’ Financial Regulations all vehicles are registered in the name of the Director of Financial Services and Procurement, Faculty Building London SW7 2AZ  rather than individual departments.
  • Ensuring that appropriate insurance is maintained.
  • Ensuring the vehicle inspections and certification (MOT) are carried out when required. 
  • Ensuring payment of vehicle tax

Vehicles hired overseas

Obtain insurance from the hire company.  You must read the hire document carefully.  If you are not sure, please ask the Insurance Manager for guidance.    

Third-party cover offered by car hire companies is sometimes wholly inadequate by UK standards.  Where there is an option to pay extra for better cover you are strongly recommended to take it, expecially for North America.

The College's insurance cannot bolster inadequate cover obtained externally.

Privately owned vehicles

  • The owner of the vehicle must ensure that their private motor insurance allows “occasional use for the purposes of an employer’s business” or an equivalent phrase.
  • You cannot claim forthe cost of your insurance, which has already been factored into the mileage rates.  You may be required to verify your insurance details to your line manager.
  • If a staff member uses, or allows another member of staff to use, a vehicle on College business that is insured for third party risks only, the College will not be held liable for any of the following:
    • Damage or repairs to the vehicle
    • Property lost or damaged
    • Personal injuries sustained or caused during or as a result of such use
  • If using your own car for business travel, you must ensure that it complies with the Safety Department’s Code of Practice on Driving at Work.