Using your own vehicles

If you are driving your vehicle it must comply with all legal and insurance requirements.

Many employees and students use their own vehicle for College business travel.  When they do this, they may claim Mileage allowance at the rates indicated in the expenses policy subject to the following conditions:

  • The driver must hold a driving licence which is valid in the UK for the type of vehicle being driven.
  • The owner of the vehicle must ensure that his private motor insurance allows “occasional use for the purposes of an employer’s business” or an equivalent phrase.
  • The vehicle is roadworthy.  This means, in particular, that if the age of the vehicle requires it, a valid MOT certificate is held.  More generally, the condition of the brakes, tyres and lights must meet statutory requirements.

When submitting expense claims, claimants will be required to confirm the above.  A sample of claims will be audited, potentially requiring production of the relevant documents.