Train carriage at platform

Safety considerations


  • Know the train departure time to avoid hanging around on the platform for extended periods of time.
  • Know the journey time and expected arrival time. This will ensure you get off at the right stop and is important information for planning your collection at your destination. 
  • Check for delays before you travel as you may need to make new arrangements for collection at your destination and keep your colleagues informed of your journeys progress.
  • Plan your arrival so that you can and get off the train and walk with confidence to your next location.
  • If you are mobility impaired, pre-arrange with the rail service provider for any assistance that you might need.
  • If you are part of a group, make sure everyone is aware of the plans for onward travel upon arrival at your destination, share telephone numbers, and arrange where to meet in case someone gets separated.


  • Try to avoid travelling alone.  Where possible travel with a trusted colleague.
  • Be aware, look about you, and do not listen to headphones as these can reduce your perception of your surroundings.
  • Look confident about your actions.
  • Keep your possessions close to you and visible at all times.
  • Make sure that your valuables are kept out of sight.
  • When you board, choose a carriage where you feel comfortable.
  • If you feel unsafe or threatened move to another carriage and inform the train guard where available.  If the situation requires it, initiate your offsite work emergency plan, activate your personal security devices or apps, contact the local security services and your friends or colleagues.
  • Where possible always sit in an area covered by CCTV.
  • Protect your privacy.  Do not display personal details on a mobile phone, luggage label, document, or laptop.
  • Note where the emergency alarm and alternative exits are located.
  • Do not fall asleep if travelling alone.
  • Do not travel while intoxicated as this makes you an easier target for criminals and may be a criminal offence.


  • Choose a parking bay close to an exit, in a well-lit area, covered by CCTV.
  • Before leaving your vehicle, ensure that it is securely locked and that valuables are hidden.
  • Do not leave keys or personal details in the vehicle.
  • If you take a taxi from the station please refer to the safety advice on Taxis.

Purchasing contact

The Travel Team 

Check with your local administration support as they may handle bookings for you.

Expenses Policy

Please follow the conditions outlined in the Expenses Policy under Rail travel.


UK Rail

The College now has two suppliers that can be used to book UK rail journeys.


Egencia is the College’s preferred travel management company for air, hotel and international rail.  Services have been expanded to include UK rail and means that you can use the Egencia online booking tool to search for and book UK rail journeys online.  Offline bookings can also be made by using Egencia Contacts and Resources.  

How to book online with Egencia

How to book


Search & Select A Train Journey

1.            Login into you Egencia account

2.            Go to the ‘Book’ menu at the top of your screen and select the ‘Trains’ option from the drop down list

3.            Select traveller / passenger’s main details (including any discount cards that may apply)

4.            Select trip type (round trip, one way or open return)

5.            Enter journey details and date and time of travel, select all trains or direct trains search option for your search

6.            Review or apply any appropriate options once your search results have been generated (these options are shown to the left of search results)

7.            Select your journey and ticket options of choice for each leg of your journey (note that fare rules and any travel advisories are also shown)

8.            Review your trip on the ‘train details and options’ page

9.            Press ‘Continue’ to progress your booking (or save your trip for later).  Move down the following sections on the page:

a.            Information for your ticketing (passenger details)

b.            Choose your payment (ideally a Purchase Order)

c.             Notifications

d.            Would you like to add this to an existing trip?




Redspottedhanky is the College's preferred UK rail ticket provider. Use the Redspottedhanky Corporate website (link opens in a new window). Ensure purchasing have set you up with a traveller profile to enable you to book using the
tool.  See Traveller profile registration.  

You can telephone Redspottedhanky at (+44) 080 0377 7748.



Booking a ticket

1.  Ensure that you have a travel profile set up to use Redspottedhanky.  See Traveller profile registration.

2.  Ensure you have a purchase order for Redspottedhanky with available funds prior to booking.  Alternatively you can use an individual credit card and claim the costs back through the expenses process.  If you have permission to raise purchase orders, you can raise a purchase order by using the redspottedhank link on the smartform on the i-Procurement front page (trades as Worldline IT Services).

3.  Login to the Redspottedhanky Corporate website site to purchase your ticket.  Please follow the conditions outlined in the Expenses Policy under Rail travel.

Picking up tickets from machines at mainline stations

You can pick up tickets from machines situated in all mainline stations - a list is available on the Redspottedhanky website.  They do not have to be branded as RedSpottedHanky machines.  If you have chosen to collect your tickets from a self-service ticket machine they will be ready for collection 2 hours after purchase.  Receipts will be printed alongside the tickets.

A debit or credit card is required - this is purely activate the machine and will not result in a charge to the card.  Enter the reference number provided in the booking to retrieve the tickets.  You can use your College ID card to activate the machine, and then input your booking reference.

A booking reference consists of 8 alpha-numerical characters. It is sent out in the confirmation email you receive when you have made a booking. To access your reference, log into Your Account then click "Check my order status". This shows all the bookings you have made.  The booking reference number is at the top of this page.

If your booking reference number is not working, contact the customer service centre on (+44) 019 0262 7981.

If you have a problem collecting your tickets from the Self service ticket machine (e.g. not enough tickets have been issued or they are of poor print quality) please speak to the Travel Centre/Ticket Office staff or station team member.  If no staff are available please contact the customer service centre on (+44) 019 0262 7981.

Delivery of tickets

There is a charge for postal delivery of tickets.

First Class Post
  • Tickets are processed and dispatched by First Class post within 24 hours of booking.
  • Tickets must be booked at least 6 working days prior to travel.

Next Day Special Delivery
  • If you book your tickets by 16.00, delivery is guaranteed by 13.00 the next working day.
  • Bookings made on a Friday will be delivered the following Monday.
  • Bookings made on Saturday will be processed the following Monday for delivery on Tuesday.
  • A signature is required upon delivery.

Overseas Customers
  • Postal and Special Delivery are not permitted delivery options for overseas addresses.
  • Those registering from an overseas address or using an overseas registered card will be able to collect their tickets at a self-service ticket machine.  It is not possible to post to a UK address.

What should I do if I have not received my tickets?

If you have not received your tickets please call the customer service centre on (+44) 019 0262 7981 a minimum of 72 hours before travel ensuring that you quote the booking reference.

Refunds, cancellations and changes

For information on cancelling tickets, obtaining refunds and making changes to your plans, please see the FAQs on the Redspottedhanky website (link opens in new window).

Loyalty points

As soon as you buy your train ticket, Redspottedhanky automatically create a loyalty account for you and enters you in to their loyalty scheme.  Redspottedhanky will credit your account with a one loyalty point for every £1 you spend, one point is worth 1p for redemption.

Loyalty points earned should be redeemed against business travel only.

Points are credited in to your account within 24 hours of your confirmed purchase.  Redeem these points to place an e-voucher in your account for use against future business travel.

Rail abroad


Eurostar tickets can be booked using the Egencia online booking tool

Overseas Rail

Other overseas rail can only be booked offline by Egencia Customer Service team during standard office hours.  Please see contacts at Egencia Contacts and Resources.


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