Information for staff travelling abroad, in the UK and Quarantining on return to the UK

With effect from 4th July 2020, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) updated their guidance against Travel to EXEMPTED countries only. No restrictions against travel will apply to these exempted Countries, which can be found here:

Please note that the government recently revoked the exempt travel corridor status for Spain at very short notice, and has now done the same for France, Netherlands, Malta, Luxembourg, Belgium, Andorra, and the Bahamas. Given the fluid nature of the current situation we are asking that College staff consider very carefully before making a decision to travel even to exempt countries and please follow all UK applicable government guidance in place at the time. 

If you are intending on travelling overseas on College business please also continue to follow College guidance and seek the approval of your Head of Department before booking any travel. If for any reason circumstances change with respect to the exempt status of a country where you are intending to travel then please contact our business travel agent  and/or insurance department for advice and guidance.


Please find set out below a list of FAQ with respect to travelling overseas, in the UK, quarantining and isolation, which are in addition to those previously published by College:

Main links for Insurance and Travel Covid-19 FAQS

Travelling overseas, in the UK, Quarantining and Isolation FAQs

FAQs to assist you 

COVID -19 Travel Insurance FAQs

FAQs to assist you