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Summary of cover

Emergency medical treatment received during an overseas journey, including Repatriation.  Expenses incurred in bringing an Insured Person to their normal Country of  Domicile following injury, sickness or death.

Unlimited, subject to policy wording.
No excess applicable.

Additional accommodation and travel costs necessitated by illness. £10,000. Subject to £50 per claim excess.
Travel cancellation, curtailment or re-arrangement due to illness, accident, bereavement, jury service or other unavoidable and unforeseeable causes. £10,000. Subject to £50 per claim excess.
Personal public liability. £5,000,000
Lost personal baggage (see Personal Property Cover PDF) £2,500 (limit of £1,250 for any item). Subject to £50 per claim excess.
Money and tickets (see Personal Property Cover PDF) £150. Subject to £50 per claim excess.
nsurance policy cover summary


Key policy exclusions include (check policy wording documents linked below for further information):

  • financial or trade sanctions - no cover if the indemnity or payment will breach any Prohibition imposed by law or regulation
  • failure to take reasonable precautions to avoid loss (includes non-refundable costs incurred  prior to visa applications);
  • travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner;
  • any expenses in excess of £50,000 incurred as a result of treatment to a child born outside the UK on an insured trip
  • disinclination to travel unless for unforeseen and documented personal or health reasons;
  • non-emergency medical costs e.g. check-ups, ongoing prescriptions, vaccinations;
  • third party liability arising from motorised vehicles;
  • default of any provider or their agent of transport or accommodation acting for the Insured or Insured Person
  • suicide, intentional self injury, flying as a pilot or as a result of using non-prescribed drugs which cannot be legally obtained
  • dental or optical expenses (other than in exceptional circumstances);
  • persons who are not usually resident in the UK;
  • travel exceeding one year in duration – please email for details;
  • for travel cancellation/rearrangement claims; loss arising from events which were known about, or the possibility of which existed, at the time trip booking was made.

Policy wording

Please see Travel Policy wording (PDF)  Note that the Personal Property Cover (PDF) is covered separately.