Whilst you are travelling yellow graphic banner
  1. Stop.
  2. Ensure your own safety and that of your passengers.
  3. Try to make sure the scene is safe and other road users are aware of the incident to avoid further accidents.
  4. Use your hazard warning lights to warn other traffic.
  5. Ask drivers to switch off their engines and stop smoking.
  6. Do not tamper with damaged vehicles and avoid contact with spilt fluids.
  7. Do not admit liability.
  8. If there are casualties or if the road is blocked, call the emergency services.
  9. Render first aid if possible and reassure casualties until the ambulance arrives.
  10. Move uninjured people away from the vehicles to safety
  11. Do not move injured people from their vehicles unless they are in immediate danger from fire or explosion.
  12. Do not move a motorcyclist's helmet unless it is essential to do so.
  13. Stay at the scene until the emergency services arrive.
  14. Exchange your name and address (and that of the vehicle owner if different), registration numbers and if possible insurance details (see Motor Insurance Accident Card for UK Hired or College owned vehicles) with the other driver(s) involved and to anyone having reasonable grounds for requiring them.  You do not have to exchange telephone numbers
  15. Note the date and time and location of the incident.
  16. Obtain witness contact details if you can.
  17. Take photos where appropriate and safe to do so.
  18. If carrying hazardous samples, follow the procedures detailed in the specific risk assessment.
  19. Report the incident as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any case within 24 hours to the following:
  • Police
  • Insurance provider (Currently Zurich Municipal) ‌ for UK Hired or College vehicles only.

Tel 01489 88 21 10             Policy number NHE-01CA10-0013