Accepted receipts

These must be submitted:

  • in accordance with the Receipt examples;
  • showing details of what goods or services have been purchased.

Receipts are not required for mileage and incidental overnight expenses (IOE) claims.

Rejected receipts

The following will not be accepted in lieu of a receipt unless otherwise stated:

  • Credit card receipts
  • Bank statements

These stipulations may be waived only by Faculty Finance Officers and not by any other approver.

Receipt submissions

The claimant is expected to obtain original VAT receipts for all expenses which they plan to have reimbursed.

The only exception to this rule is for claims relating to mileage, London bus and tube fares paid via a pay as you go Oyster card/contactless payment and permissible Incidental overnight expenses (IOEs).  You must include details of your journey if claiming mileage. Unless the claim is below £6 in value and evidence of the journey is not readily available, a Journey History print out from the TfL website (only available for 8 weeks from date of journey) if using an Oyster card, or your credit card/bank statements if using contactless bank card payment, will be required.

Receipts should be cross-referenced to each entry on the claim where necessary, such that it can be clearly identifed which receipt(s) relate to which line(s). Multiple items are not permitted (e.g. “5 taxi trips @ £10 each”). Each item should be recorded separately, with date, destination, etc.

A receipt may take many forms (e.g. a cash register receipt, taxi receipt or web receipt). A receipt must be clearly legible and identify the below (also see Receipt examples):

  • Date of purchase
  • Itemised list and unit price of the purchased items, and the total amount paid
  • Vendor name
  • VAT number and VAT amount paid where applicable

Claims submitted through MyExpenses

  • Send receipts (including printouts of any electronic receipts) to the Expenses Office in the yellow envelope with your bar code printout.  The bar code printout and yellow envelope must be sent even if the claim contains only missing receipts or non-receipted items.
  • Claims are not processed for payment until the Expenses Office has received the receipts.

Claims submitted using a paper claim form

  • Any receipts (including printed copies of any electronic receipts) should be attached to the claim form.
  • If the necessary receipts or documentation cannot be submitted then an explanation should be included in the claim.