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25 February 2021

Stefano Sandrone - ‘Active learning in STEMM’

Anna Maria Jones - ‘Exploring the student transition to postgraduate study in the Faculty of Medicine’

Linda Stringer - ‘Doing well at university: What predicts success in Mechanical Engineering?’

22 June 2021

Dr Camille Kandiko Howson and Dr Mike Streule - ‘Navigating the world of education publishing'

Dr. Jo HorsburghDr. Tiffany Chiu and Dr. Magda Charalambous - 'Top tips for publishing or disseminating your work in education'

3 November 2021

Stefano Sandrone - 'Identity development of the budding neuroscientist at postgraduate level: Perspectives from alumni and current academics'

Tatiana Codreanu - 'Multimodal interactions through screens'