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MEd ULT research presentations and prize-giving

CHERSNet hosted a series of ‘Focus on MEd’ where some award winning students from the MEd in University Learning and Teaching presented their research projects to colleagues from across the College.

  • Dr Kirtsty Flower: "How does LGBTQIA+ identity impact student experience in the active learning classroom?" 
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Dr Maham Stanyon: "Q-riosity and the shared illusion of the Japanese generalist and specialist: a Q-methodology study" 
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Dr Charlotte Sutherell: "Are we literate? Exploring how chemistry staff views on feedback influence their UG course design"
    Presentation [PDF]

This was later followed by a celebration of achievement and award giving event which was extended to the 2020, 2021 and 2022 cohort. It was hosted in-person in South Kensington and the following students were awarded with a prize:

  • MEd 2020: Dr Wayne Mitchell
  • MEd 2021: Dr Kirsty Flower
  • PG Dip 2020: Dr Neepa Thacker
  • PG Dip 2021: Dr Neha Ahuja
  • PG Cert 2020: Dr Camille Gajria
  • PG Cert 2021: Dr Lauren Matthews