In addition to the programmed workshop events, a by-request facility is offered where it may be possible to offer a 'local' version of a standard workshop at the request of a particular teaching hospital, Trust, Division or Campus or similar. Introduction to teaching in clinical settings is particularly suitable for less experienced NHS staff. It is also possible to request other programmed workshops and it may be possible to adapt one or more of these workshops to fit specific need/available times.

Arrangements for by-request workshops

Subject to availability (see above) we are happy to offer by-request workshops locally and free of charge in the following circumstances.

  1. The inital request including workshop title, date and time, is made 8 weeks in advance of the workshop to facilitate organisation and enrolment.
  2. We have a guaranteed minimum attendance of 12 staff (maximum of 24) for the event. Workshops are designed to model good practice in small group teaching and involve a variety of interactive small group teaching strategies. It is not possible to work in this way with fewer than 12 participants. It is also not financially viable to offer a workshop to fewer than this number of staff.
  3. If fewer than 12 staff attend the workshop there will be a charge of £50 per un-occupied place. This charge is in line with the cancellation fee currently levied to staff who fail to attend workshops or who cancel with less than one working week's notice.
  4. The event is offered to NHS (and Imperial) staff who are involved (or likely to become involved) in teaching undergraduate medical students from Imperial College London. This may include medical, nursing and other non-medical healthcare professionals.
  5. You are able to provide a named link person who oversees local arrangements. Typically this is the local teaching co-ordinator or a departmental administrator. Local arrangements are likely to include: circulating publicity to recruit participants; booking a suitable room; booking audio visual aids; arranging catering as appropriate and photocopying workshop materials in advance. 
  6. You undertake to meet associated administrative costs (i.e. the costs of publicising the event, providing a room, catering, audio-visual aids and photocopying).
  7. The request is supported by a senior member of staff.
  8. Please be aware these workshops do not generally carry RCP credit.