There are many types of childcare available, which differ in the environment in which the care is given, the age of the children cared for and the period for which care is given. The childcare section of the government's website has the most up-to-date help and advice concerning childcare in your local area and across the UK.

Early Years Education Centre

ChildcareImperial College Early Years is based at Nos. 8 & 9 Prince's Gardens for children of staff and students. The centre caters for children aged from six months to five years and is organised into three age groups.

The popularity of the Centre is due to its excellent reputation, its convenient proximity to those working at South Kensington and its competitively priced fees. The Centre also runs a vacation play scheme for older children.

There are an additional 12 spaces allocated to children of Imperial parents at a facility run by the NHS Trust at Hammersmith.

Help with childcare costs

There are a variety of options available which give parents support with the cost of childcare. Further information can be found on the Directgov webpages on childcare, tax credits and other help for working parents.

Computershare childcare voucher scheme

As part of its family friendly initiatives, the College has signed up to a salary sacrifice scheme, whereby part of your salary can be exchanged for childcare vouchers. Find out more about Computershare childcare vouchers and our childcare support scheme.


BooksEducation in the UK is compulsory for all children aged five to sixteen (the Government plans to raise this age in 2013). After sixteen, students can choose to continue their education at school or a further education institute, and after this, if they have achieved adequate grades, they can go to university or other institutes of higher education.

Further details are available on the Directgov website.

Types of Schools

There are many different types of both state maintained schools and independent schools. To help you make your choice visit the Directgov website for further information.


If you've moved to England with your child you can apply for your children to attend a maintained school or Academy regardless of their immigration status. However, different rules operate in relation to those making applications for children not yet living in the UK. These rules are explained in the School Admissions Code.

You may also wish to view the options for your children relating to university and higher education.