The Positive Working Environment elements of Imperial Essentials introduce you to what Imperial is doing to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and highlight what is expected of you to ensure that our working environment is positive and built on mutual respect.

Our College values both underpin and reflect our behaviour and are therefore critical in defining and shaping our working environment. The values are embedded within our people-related policies and procedures and encapsulate how we are all expected to behave to ensure successful individual, managerial and collaborative working across the College.

Must know, Week one to Month six


Research Integrity (To be developed)

Format: e-learning
Approximate time to complete: 60 minutes
Refresher period: TBC
Assessment/test: yes
Pass rate: TBC

Values and Behaviours (To be developed)

Format: TBC
Approximate time to complete: TBC
Refresher period: TBC
Assessment/test: TBC
Pass rate: TBC