View of back of woman's head looking at computer monitor New staff will automatically be provided with a username (login name) and password for access to the College computing facilities.

□ Arrange for the new member of staff to have access to a departmental computer so that they can activate their account and be provided with an email address by following the instructions on how to register for a computer account on the ICT website. Please note that staff must have obtained their Security ID card and allowed one hour to pass before trying to activate their account.

□ ICIS Accounts are created for all new members of staff shortly after the College Logins have been setup, and can be accessed using your College username and password.

New accounts will have no responsibilities assigned, therefore members of staff will need to request access to responsibilities and also register their IP addresses. This can be done via the online ICIS Authorisation form on:

Further information on ICIS can be obtained from the web page

□ Advise the new member of staff to read ICT’s Information for New Staff web page which contains useful information.

If you encounter any problems contact the Service Desk on extension 49000 or email