‌To assist managers when preparing an induction programme for new members of staff, the following material is available. This material may be printed and used by managers during the induction process.

Essential induction material

The documents set out below are considered to be essential components of the induction information:

Essential induction information

  • The Induction Programme recommends activities for days 1 to 5, but allows planning of induction related events further into the future. It is particularly important that you think through the new member of staff’s first few days in their new role and plan appropriate tasks for them to enable early success
  • Training Plan - detail any local job-specific training at departmental or College level including safety training. Also book the new member of staff onto “Imperial Insights”, the College’s induction session, which includes an option to attend a choice of two short workshops to help staff in identifying their own training and development needs. Ensure to include the date in the relevant space of the training plan.

Optional induction material and additional information

The information set out below may be of interest and help to a new member of staff and can be included as part of the induction material as relevant. Managers are also encouraged to customise the material by including local information relevant to the new member of staff:

Additional information, for use during the induction, can be found on the following webpages

The induction material can be presented as managers prefer. Local HR Teams are able to provide a folder, such as those used when issuing contracts of employment, if this is required.