Documentation, Training and Preparation (Advice Note 1)

pen and pad‌Once the new member of staff has confirmed acceptance of the post to HR, HR will email the line manager, or Head of Department in the case of a Senior Academic, regarding the induction of the new member of staff; this will include a list of links to facilitate induction.

Confirm Start date with the new member of staff

Confirm start date, time, and the name of the individual who will be meeting the new member of staff on the first day. Provide a map of the site, indicating where and to whom she/he should report. Communicate this to the new member of staff (a Sample first day letter is available for your use). Ensure you (the Line Manager) are available on the start date and book time out to dedicate to the new member of staff.

Preparation of New Staff Induction Pack

The responsibility for compiling the information and completing the inserts contained within the new staff induction pack rests with the Line Manager. All new staff induction pack material is available to download.

Good Practice


Disability Support

Assess whether the new member of staff requires any additional equipment or system / equipment alterations due to disability. The Disability Officer should be contacted if a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is required. For more information refer to Disability support.

Working area for new member of staff

Arrange a working area with appropriate hardware and software:


Telephones, fixed extensions, mobile phones or Blackberrys have to be ordered via the Telecoms Representative for your department/division. Relevant advice and a list of Telecoms Representatives available on the telephones and mobile webpages.

The Telecoms Representative will need to be told precise requirements before passing them on to the Telecoms Department's orders team. See the web page on how to place a telecoms order for more information and sample correspondence. User guides for College telephones are also available.

ID Card Access

ID cards are required to access relevant College buildings and facilities. Advice Note 4 explains how ID cards are collected on the first day. Changes to the level of access can, however, be requested through the Building Manager, the Head of Department or the Departmental Administrator who will contact the Access Control team.

Update Local Contact Lists

Ask the appropriate administrator to ensure that the local group / divisional / department and Faculty contact and distribution lists / directories are updated with the new member of staff’s details.