Welcome Activities (Advice Note 3)

Group of people in laboratory

  • Ensure your availability to greet the new member of staff and show them where they will be located.
  • Go through the information in the New Staff Induction Pack and ensure the activities listed for the first day on the induction programme are completed. Outline the induction activities planned for the remainder of the induction period.
  • Show new members of staff the dedicated web pages with all the information that new staff need before they start, on their first day and during their first few months of employment. The web pages have been designed to assist new staff to navigate around the College website and obtain the relevant information they require quickly and easily.
  • Confirm the major components of the job including the main tasks, responsibilities, working hours, the  Probation Period and the PRDP process.
  • Complete the Day One Health and Safety Induction Form
  • Introduce the new member of staff’s ‘buddy’/induction mentor.
  • Carry out a tour of the workplace, building and campus and collect ID card from Security.
  • Send an introductory email to the new member of staff’s group /team/ department providing a summary of their prior experience and a description of their role and duties.
  • Introduce the new staff member to their immediate work colleagues and other key contacts.
  • Ensure that the new staff member has registered for network/email access.

Good Practice

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering invites new academic staff to an informal session to meet the Faculty Principal and Faculty support teams. This is a chance for academics to ask any questions that have arisen during their first months at the College and for Faculty staff to build up personal relationships with their academic colleagues.