One of the requirements for the public sector accessibility regulations is that you must add a web accessibility statement to your site, detailing how accessible the site is, any areas that are not, and what you are doing to improve it. The statement should include a contact for anyone who wants to lodge a complaint or request an accessible version of any content and/or request an alternative way to access the service. You can see examples of accessibility statement templates online.

If your content is on central supported platforms i.e. Site Manager CMS, News website or events, then this will already be covered by the College website accessibility statement. If you manage a website on another platform then you will need to add a statement.

There is an Imperial College London accessibility statement template which you can use to create your statement. This template also includes guidance on filling out the various sections.

Once completed, add your statement as a web page on your site (do not attach the document to your web page). You should also ensure this page is accessible and can be found easily accross your site (preferably in the footer or main site navigation). 

Further help

 If you have any further questions and need more information the new accessibility regulations or creating your statement, then please contact