Interactive or transactional sites are used :

  • where the page interacts with a database  and/or
  • where interaction between the page and the user is required   and/or
  • where the user must complete the process within the transaction in one session i.e. they cannot exit part way through a transaction and expect to re-enter later to complete the transaction.

See examples of transactional sites in the old design, the student fees payments process , and the Service Desk's Self-service system for logging support requests.

Transactional sites use a simplified template which does not have the site branding or dropdown menu navigation. They may be a set of pages within a Dreamweaver-based site, or a standalone set of pages.

Links to a transactional-style page must ALWAYS open in a new window. When the user has completed the transactional process, they will close the window to return to the calling page.

For further advice please contact Peter Gillings.