College brand

The Communications Division will advise on interpretation of the College brand. They must be consulted for approval to any proposed deviations to visual standards.  For further information, contact Peter Gillings.

Central web team 

The Central Web Team, made up of representatives of ICT, Communications and Public Affairs and the Faculties, manages the web programme on behalf of the College and provides advice, training and support, free of charge on:

  • transition of current websites to meet College standards 
  • development of new websites    
  • use of the College technology infrastructure for web projects, including templates and the set up of skeleton sites in the College content management software (CMS) 
  • project management of College wide web applications

To initiate a support service, submit  a request via the ICT Service Desk .

ICT central web hosting facility

ICT provide and operate standard College technical web environments on central web hosting facilities which are available free of charge.

Quality assurance

When a new site has been developed and has completed quality assurance within the owning unit, then the Website Manager should request a quality assurance  review of the site from the central web team before it goes live. This review will check the site for conformance to College standards and the accessibility requirements of UK legislation. This will include a review by the ICT web accessibility officer.