The primary role of Web Operations Team is to provide a locus for the lead web professionals to coordinate the delivery of College-wide web projects and developments, and to advise and support the Web Strategy and Governance Review Board. 

The Web Operations Team will meet weekly to:

  • Review completed work packages and projects, considering feedback and lessons learned
  • Consider new bugs and enhancement proposals and prioritise their importance
  • Review the overall list of ongoing work packages and projects, and agree priority and resource allocation for the next week of development
  • Consider how to test, roll-out and communicate forthcoming releases

On a monthly basis, the Web Operations Team will hold a longer meeting to:

  • Consider re-prioritisation of the overall list of projects, agreeing the focus for the forthcoming month of development
  • Propose and initiate new projects. For larger projects requiring significant budget or where there is disagreement on prioritisation, these will be escalated to the Web Strategy and Governance Review Board and will feed into the budget round each year
  • Debate and draft new policy items or proposed revisions to existing policies for presentation to, and sign off by, the Web Strategy and Governance Review Board and other committees where relevant
  • Suggest and lead “forward look” discussions at the Web Strategy and Governance Review Board
  • Agree the programme of Web Forums and training activities
  • Develop and review analytics and success metrics for projects and site performance

The Web Operations Team will develop an annual framework of activity to ensure it can contribute to the Planning Round, web training and forum programme and wider project planning at the optimal time in the year.  It will also ensure meetings are scheduled to tie in with agenda planning for the Web Strategy and Governance Review Board.

The membership of Web Operations Team is:

  • Head of Digital (Chair)
  • Digital and Creative Media Assistant (Secretary)
  • Faculty Web Officer/Digital Media Manager for each Faculty
  • Web Training and Support Manager
  • Web Development Team Lead
  • Senior Digital Designer Developer

Team members have a duty to reflect the needs and priorities of the constituencies they represent, and as such are required to consult with their respective constituencies and reflect their views accordingly.

Experts outside the core Web Operations Team membership may be invited to the monthly meetings where a topic is particularly relevant to them (e.g. representatives from the Communications or Student Recruitment team may attend occasionally if projects specific to their groups are being discussed)