What we are doing

We are running a pilot project within the Communications and Public Affairs Division and the Enterprise Division to enable their editors to maximise their longform* content online.

This project aims to provide a platform for long form articles and associated creative and digital content which will enable long form articles that are shareable and engaging, making full use of our digital toolkit e.g. video, imagery, audio

*Long form’ is used here to describe online feature articles which are typically longer than news stories (1000+ words), often divided into distinct sections and chapters, which include impactful imagery, video, audio and infographics, which are often published by our peers and commercial publishers in an immersive way, using the full width of the reader’s device screen. 

Why we are doing it

  • to enable writers and editors at the College to create long form content with associated creative and digital material
  • To utilise the latest storytelling treatments
  • To showcase the work of Imperial
  • To improve the reader experience
  • To reach new audiences.
  • To create an immersive experience hosting full-width imagery and video and take advantage of functionality, such as scrollmation, text over media, image reveals and transitions. 
  • To increase online visibility, increase engagement and social sharing
  • To build better links with the readership community, and improve the authority and perceived expertise of brands, thereby helping to build relationships with key audiences.
  • To increase read time and time spent on the site, which in turn increases click through rates and helps can gain higher rankings in search results.
  • The platform will provide a new avenue for showcasing the top level feature content and imagery in a more impactful way than the current News site. 
Deliverables/MilestonesStart dateEnd date
Supplier review May 2019 July 2019
Technical assurance April 2019 July 2019
Content strategy and information architecture April 2019 July 2019
Training July 2019 July 2019
Operational governance model July 2019 Aug 2019
Branding and styling July 2019 Mid Aug 2019
Accessibility testing July 2019 Aug 2019
Performance measurement plan July 2019 Aug 2019
Communication plan July 2019 Aug 2019
Content creation July 2019 Mid Aug 2019
Search engine optimisation Sept 2019 Oct 2019
Analytics Sept 2019 Oct 2019
Best practice guidance Aug 2019 Sept 2019
User acceptance testing Oct 2019 Oct 2019
Launch Oct 2019 Oct 2019
Summary of the table's contents


If you would like to leave feedback, be consulted on the project or share your ideas please contact Liz Scholfield, Project Coordinator.