What are we doing?

TerminalFour (T4) is Imperial College’s main Content Management System (CMS) running the majority of imperial.ac.uk. We are going to upgrade the version of T4 that we use, which will resolve a number of known issues. We will also be migrating the CMS to a cloud server.

Why are we doing it?

As well as improving the performance, stability and security of the website, the upgrade will allow editors to update pages more efficiently and benefit from new features and future integrations to improve their content.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced performance and site speed – users of the website will see an optimal site speed no matter where they are accessing the website.
  • Additional functionality and future development of the College website, which will enable new templates, features and integrations.
  • Developers will be able to have version control when deploying code which will ensure quality and reduce bugs.
  • Current bugs in the system that will allow editors to complete tasks more efficiently will be fixed.
  • Improved CMS functionality and reporting for editors to maximise content quality.

What does this mean for you?

The T4 upgrade project is about improving your experience as an editor. This means that you will see some changes to the look and functionality of the Content Management System, but you will not see any changes to the Imperial website design post-launch. Some of the changes for editors are:

  • You will be able to publish to the live site instantly – removing the need to wait one hour or overnight to publish your content to the College website
  • You will see improved functionality in the College CMS, for example: page editing, drag and drop, and a new searchable image library and crop tool.
  • You will see fixes to ongoing issues like publishing problems, document upload and login issues.
  • We may be in contact with you to talk about changes to publishing workflows and permission groups.
  • You will be given updated training on the new version of the CMS.
There may be some CMS downtime required where you will not be able to edit the website, but we will let you know when this is going to happen.
Estimated timelines
Conversion of the current database to MySQL  June 2021
Migration of the current CMS to the cloud server  June 2021
Testing the migration data  June 2021
Network testing  May - June 2021
Security testing  June 2021
Upgrading the CMS to version 8  June - August 2021
Training developer / admins / Super Users  June - August 2021
Migrating and testing the images in new media library  June - September 2021
Setting up users and permissions in the new CMS September - October 2021
Training editors TBC
Content Freeze (exact dates TBD) TBC
User acceptance testing November 2021 onwards
Launch TBC
Post launch activities TBC
Project close TBC
These are estimated project timelines and are subject to change
Summary of the table's contents
If you would like to help us with testing the new CMS, please contact Jack Robinson, Project Coordinator.


For feedback or questions about this project, please contact Jack Robinson, Project Coordinator.