Qualtrics FAQs

Below lists some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Qualtrics survey software, if your questions is not answered below, please contact the ICT Service Desk. The Qualtrics Support team is also available to address your questions at +44(0)20 8816 7212 or at support@qualtrics.com Otherwise, please check the Qualtrics FAQs.

Selected FAQs

Who can use the tool?

The tool can be used by students and staff who need to run a survey as part of their College course/research/administrative responsibilities. Access levels to the system do vary so if you think you are entitled to additional privileges please log a request via ASK.

What are Panels (Contacts)?

Panels hold respondent data in a spreadsheet format. Examples of columns are: Name/Surname/Email/Address/Student Year etc. This information can be used as distribution list in order to email individual survey links and also for data analysis via embedded data.

How can I get my email/panel limits changed?

If you need your permission levels elevated then please raise a request via ASK, providing us the following details:

  • What is the issue you are facing
  • What is the name and purpose of your survey (short description)
  • Please provide us your manager/supervisor’s name ‘endorsing’ the change in permission levels.

How can I distribute a survey to respondents?

How can I customise my survey skin (branding)?

By default the Imperial skin is used. If you would like a different one instructions on applying skins are available. If you would like to request a customised skin then please raise a request via ASK.

Is my survey mobile compatible?

Surveys can be made compatible with mobile devices but certain question types need to be avoided. You can also switch on the ‘Toggle Mobile Compatibility Check’ option under ‘Edit Survey’ tab > ‘Advanced Options’ (top right corner of the survey).

Is my survey accessible?

The survey design is accessible however certain questions are not accessible by their nature (e.g. the ‘Hot Spot’ question which involves an image).  Please use the Survey Accessibility checker to ensure it is accessible. If you have to use questions that are not accessible then either create a separate survey with only accessible questions or inform the respondents before they take the survey.

How can I collaborate (share) my survey with other researchers?

Qualtrics does include collaboration features. This is the simplest way of sharing a survey, however, if you find that you want to collaborate a number of surveys with several people in your team then please raise a request via ASK for group library to be created.

Can I embed a form/survey on a t4 page?

Yes you can embed Imperial Qualtrics forms/surveys on t4 pages.

See the t4 content type help page Forms and surveys

Can I administer a survey if I don't have an internet connection?