Giant wave

This text was added to the Banner Text editor window, as was this link to Google. If no text is added this bar will appear as a thin block of colour underneath the image.

The Banner - bottom block is designed as an impact banner that can be used on the Landing page with sidebar and the Content page and is used to give pages a strong visual impression. It is designed for the top of your page, bottom block just refers to the block of colour under the image.

This banner should be used only once on a page.

This content type automatically appears at the top of the page irrespective of its position in the content list.

Give it a try 

1. Add a Banner - bottom block content type to the relevant page in your site structure. (Find out how to add a content type to a section).

2. Adding this banner is straightforward, once you add your Banner - bottom block, you'll see a short form with four fields:

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the block and give it a concise description e.g. BannerBlk - training page Yes
Banner image* Add a large image at least 1079 x 305 pixels is required Yes
Banner text Text in the coloured bottom bar No
Colour* Adds a colour theme to the block Yes, defaults to Primary, but you can change to Secondary A or B from your theme

NB: Only the name and the image are compulsory, if the Banner text field is left empty the coloured bar will still appear.

Here is an example screenshot of the Banner bottom block content type input window and editor. There is a very limited range of options in the editor for this content type.


 3. Select Add & Approve to save.

Add and approve