This Banner - left block provides a strong single image and a left hand block to contain a short introductory statement and an optional link.

There is also an optional block of 'Top links' (Top links block) which can be added under the image.

The left block moves to the bottom of the image (between the image and the Top links block) in tablet and mobile views.

It is used in conjunction with the Landing - left block page layout only and is not available with any other page layout. Page layouts can only be changed by Power Users and above. Please contact your Faculty Web Officer to change a page layout.

Give it a try

1. Check that the page has the correct page layout (see above). 

2. Add a Banner - left block content type to the page. (Find out how to add a content type to a section).

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the block and give it a concise description e.g. Landing - left block - training page Yes
Image* Add a large image at least 1440 x 579 pixels is required Yes
Heading Text* Text in the left hand colour block Yes
Link Text What appears in the link text No
Link Internal Use the Select link to add an internal link OR No
Link External Copy and paste URL from external website No


Here is a screenshot of the Banner - left block content type window and editor:


 3. Click Add & Approve to save.

Add and approve

To add the Top Links Block (optional)

  1. On the section with your banner, click 'Add content' and select 'Top links block' from the list
  2. There are a minimum of two links and a maximum of five. You'll need to give the block a name, then fill out the link text as it will appear and the link, which can be within Site Manager or an external link
  3. Click 'add and approve' once done. The block will be coloured as per the theme for your page.