The 3 column colour block is used to promote and emphasise a single area on your page using colour, where the whole block acts as one link. Images can be added to each block to illustrate the information you are promoting.

If you have more than one area on a page which you want to draw your users attention to, you can have more that one colour block on any one page. 

Here is a live example with colour

Take a look at how it works and then 'give it a try' by following the instructions below.

Here is a live example with light theme activated

Take a look at how it works and then 'give it a try' by following the instructions below.

Give it a try 

1. Add a 3 column colour block content type to the relevant page in your site structure. (Find out how to add a content type to a section).

2. A form with a number of fields will appear. Each of these fields relates to a particular component of your 3 column colour block, fill in the form, example below.

NB: You must enter information for three columns.

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the block and give it a concise description e.g. 3colcolurblock-training. Yes
Block Title* This title will be shown above the entire block, if switched on with the field below. Otherwise it will be an 'invisible' screenreader only heading and will ensure your page has and H2. Yes
Show block title Ticking this box will make the heading show to all users, not just screenreaders. No
Column 1 Image Choose an image for this column.
Minimum image size of 317 x 203 pixels   
If you add an image you must add an 'Alt text' describing what is contained in the image. This is an accessibility requirement.
Column1 Title* Insert a title for this column. Yes
Column 1 Content* Insert the content you want to show in this column. Yes 
Column 1 Link Text Insert the text to show for the link in this block. No
Column 1 Internal Link

If the link is internal (from one t4 page to another t4 page) you select the section you want to link to by clicking on the Select option. A list of available internal sections appears and you can select which page you want to link to. If you tick the 'Use Default Link Text box' then the default text in the link will be the name of the Content linked to. OR

Column 1 External Link An external link (a link to any page outside of t4). If the link is external then you must enter the full URL. OR No
Column 1 Media Library Link Add a document (pdf, Word, Powerpoint etc.,) from the Media Library No
Use the light theme?  Yes Tick to remove colour from the column blocks and replace with the light theme (white/grey). No

4. Remember to Save your edits by opening the Update menu and selecting Add and Approve