The Display external feed allows you add feeds to t4 pages from external sources, e.g. blogs, news sites etc.

Give it a try

A form with a number of fields will appear. Each of these fields relates to the components of your feed, fill in the form, see example below:

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* This name will appear behind the scenes and needs to clear and concise so any other editors can quickly identify the content type they need to edit from all the others on the page Yes

Feed URL*

Add the (RSS/Atom) feed URL provided by the external website. In this example we used the BBC UK news RSS:

Title Optional title for the feed - in our example we've used: BBC World News No
Link text If you want a link to the external feed's website - in our example we've used: go to the BBC News website No
Internal Link

If the link is internal (Internal means from one t4 section/page to another t4 section/page), click the Select link and choose the section/page from the complete list of sections in t4. OR

External Link If the link is external (External means any page not in t4, either within the College or elsewhere) type or paste the entire URL including http://. OR No
Description Optional area to explain the feed in more detail No
Item quantity Choose how many feed items you'd like to appear from the dropdown Defaults to 12

3. Click Add & Approve

This text was entered in the description field