In t4 documents (PDFs, zip files and any Microsoft Office files) are added to text via the Media Library.

This is a two step process, 1) upload the document  to the Media Library and 2) add the link to your page.

Before adding a document to the Media Library read these top tips on Uploading documents online.

Give it a try

1. Add a General content content type to your section if one isn't already in place.

2. Once you have added content to the Main body editor

3. Click on the Insert Media button, see example below. You can also access the media library directly by opening 'Content' in the top black menu bar in t4 and then choosing Media Library.

Media Library button

4. The Media Library window will appear, go to the site structure in the left-hand window, and navigate to the folder where you want the file to live. In this case Web training's Public folder.

N.B: A document that is put in a public folder is open for all to see. If you select the Internal folder your document will be log in only. If you cannot see your internal folder, please contact your Faculty Web Officer who will set up your internal folder.

5. Click the Add Media button in the right-hand window, see example below:

Media Library screenshot
6. Fill in the form as below:

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Enter a name for your document, include the file type (PDF, WORD, PPT etc,). In this case: Benefits of the CMS (PDF) - this name will automatically appear as the link, unless changed later. Yes
Description Leave blank No
Keywords Enter relevant keywords. These are used to search the Media Library No
Type This is automatically generated Yes
Syntax Type Ignore this option No
Media, click Browse

Click Browse to select the file to be uploaded. 

(Choose your document from your local drive, click open and this will be added to your Media Library)

Hide Syntax Highlighting

Ignore this option


Ignore this option

Media Language

Ignore this option


By default, all media items are categorised


7. Click Add. This is the flakiest bit of t4. You won't receive notification when your document is uploaded. Give it a couple of minutes and close the window. From the content window click the Insert Media icon again to bring you back to the Media Library document area (see screen grab in 9).

NOTE: Click Add just once, it doesn't look like it's uploading but it is. Every click of the Add button adds another duplicate version of the same document.

8. Go back to the page and position the cursor where you want the link to appear. Click the Insert Media icon again, you'll be in the folder you just uploaded to.

9. Put your cursor on the document in the Media Library and choose Select, see example below:Select button in Media Library

This will add the link (with the text used in the Name field) to wherever you've selected on the page.

This will also insert the Link into the page.

Note: If you want to change the link text, double-click on the link so that the 'Edit media attributes' pop-up window appears.

Insert your new link text into the name field and choose 'Update'.

If you try to type over the link in the content area, the link will break.

Find out how to add a Document download button in a HighlightBox  or add a Add a document download button in a sidebar. It is also possible to link to documents from various other content types. See each content type page for more information.