Change a document's link text

Once the file has been added to a general content content type the text appearing in the link can be changed.

1) While in the editor view double-click the link.

Screenshot 2) Type the new link content into the name field in Set Media Attributes and Update. Links should always indicate  that it's a file download by putting the file type in brackets; eg (pdf), (Word), etc.


Upload a new version of a file

It's good practice to keep file names as short and as generic as possible. If, for instance, there's an application form that is replaced annually avoid using dates or version numbers in the name. 

  • Good names: SwimmingPoolAppForm.docx orSummerAccommBkg.pdf
  • Bad names: Swimming Pool application form 2016.docx or Summer 2016 Accommodation Booking Form final.pdf

These are the main advantages to using generic files names

  • Every time an amended version is uploaded, the old file is copied over with the new.
  • If the file has been bookmarked the old one can't be accessed.
  • Link(s) to the file will continue to work. So you don't need to know where all the links are on your pages. This is because t4 uses the file name as part of the URL.

Screenshot 1) Navigation to the file entry in the Media Library using the Insert Media icon on the editor. Mouse over the entry and select Advanced.

2) In the next window select Modify from the row of options on the bottom right. This will open the file's Media Library page. 

3) Click the Media button and upload the new version of the file with exactly the same file name. 

4) Click update.

5) Publish a web page that features the link and the new file will be published to the live site on the next on-the-hour transfer.

Deleting a single file

After you have found the document in the Media Library , hover over it then click on the Advanced button

Click on the delete button (highlighted below)

delete button

Deleting multiple files

1. In the folder where you files are, select Delete Media

delete media button

2. You will see a list of all the files in the folder. Select the ones you wish to delete then click on Delete Media again.