Images on your page support your message, instead of writing long paragraphs to describe what something looks or feels like, you can capture it in an image.

Images are particularly useful for pages targeted at prospective students, staff and alumni as they help you sell the campus and facilities. Images can really enhance research and news content as they capture the imagination of the audience.

You can add an image inside your General content area, but there are many content types that use images, including; the carousel, column blocks, slideshows and colour blocks.

Add an image to General content area

1. Place the cursor in front of the paragraph that you want the top of the photograph to align with.

Screenshot 2. Select the Image crop tool option in the editor, it's the tree icon. See red arrow above.

3. This fires up the image crop tool window. Add Alt text (this is for accessibility and will be a brief description of the picture. If the image carries information crucial to understanding the rest of the page, then this needs to be added here or underneath the image if very detailed. )

Uploading images

Remember - the higher the image quality, the better your image will be. Any small images that you try to increase in size will appear pixelated and grainy, so try and find an image in its original size where possible.

The current maximum upload size is 24 MB.

The following upload formats (file extensions) are all acceptable: jpg, JPG, jpeg, JPEG, png, PNG, tif, TIF, tiff, TIFF, gif, GIF.

You can upload a picture in t4 using the image crop tool.

Where to find images:

You can download images for use online from the College Asset Library.