Note: In order to add a video to a t4 page it must first be uploaded to one of these three platforms; YouTubeVimeo or Pantopto.

You can upload a video to your General Content area via the Add video button in the content editor.

Here is a live example

Take a look at how it works and then 'give it a try' by following the instructions below.

Professor Eric Laithwaite

Professor Eric Laithwaite gives a demonstration of a large gyro wheel

Give it a try

1. Add a General content content type to your section

2. Once you have added your content to the main body of the editor, put the cursor where you want the top of the video to appear.

3. Click on the Add a video button, the button is in the second row of the editor:

Video button in the editor 4. The insert a video screen will appear - fill in the form as below:

Video screen

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Size* Choose the size of the video from the drop down - options include one third, two thirds, three thirds (full width) of the screen Yes
URL Paste in the URL of your video - we support YouTube, Vimeo and Panopto Yes
Title Add a title Yes
Description Add a descriptive piece of text that will appear as a caption No
Preview You can preview your video before inserting it No

5. Click Insert

NB: You can also add a video to a Highlight Box