Colour block in a highlight box

This is content added in the Box content editor window

You can add bullet lists.

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It's a free text area

Use colour blocks for a great way of making important text - like reminders, opening hours, etc. - stand out. This tutorial covers adding a 'Colour block' (see right). Make sure you have added a highlight box widget before completing the following steps.

Add a colour block to your HighlightBox page

The highlight box widget you created is programmed to find the hidden sub-page called 'HighlightBox' and pull any items from it. To add a colour block to your highlight box, follow these steps:

  1. Find the hidden 'HighlightBox' page in your site structure;
  2. Hover over the yellow drop down button and click 'Add content';
  3. A list of content will appear. Select the item called 'Colour block';
  4. A form appears. Complete it as follows:
Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the block and give it a concise description e.g. 'Colour block - training page'. This is for your reference and the user does not see this. Yes
Heading* Give the block a heading. This appears at the top of the colour block and is visible to the user. Yes
Box content* Use the editor to add headings, content, bullet points or links. Yes
Colour* Select which colour you want to use. Find out more information about choosing colours in the Colour theme section. Yes, defaults to Primary colour palette
  1. Click 'Add and Approve' and preview your page.