Google Street View

Embed a Google Street View to a section (page).

Give it a try

Add a Google Street View content type to the relevant page in your site structure. (Find out how to add a content type to a section).

Screenshot Use the Search Google Maps box on the Google Maps site to go to the map you'd like to use to add the Street View. The example uses search term Exhibition Road, London.

1. Drag the yellow person icon onto the area of the map you'd like the Street View to display. See the red arrow in Fig. 1.

Screenshot 2. In Street View click on three vertical dots in the grey box top left corner. Select the Share or embed image option. See Fig. 2.


Fig 2

3. Copy the embed URL into the Google embed code field in the content type, it's highlighted in blue and starts with <iframe src= [Fig.3].

Fig 3

4. Select Medium, Tall or Short from the Map height dropdown.

5. Click Add and Approve.

Form fields

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the map with a concise description e.g. Exhibition Rd map Yes
Block Title* This title will be shown above the map Yes (as screen reader heading)
Show block title Ticking this box will make the heading show to all users, not just screenreaders. No (Defaults to show)
Google embed code See Use the Embed map code above. This field overrides Address/Postcode and Latitude and Longitude fields. No
Height Select one of the Medium, Tall or Short options. Yes