Adding a people list to a section

The people list content type organises each entry into a list that runs vertically down your page.

You can add range of details to each item, the layout of the contact details will change according to how much content you insert in each one. 

Each list can include an unlimited number of entries, and you can add multiple lists to each page.

People list example

Give it a try

1. Add a hidden sub-section called PeopleList

1. Add a hidden sub-section (child) called PeopleList (Case Sensitive and must be spelt correctly), directly beneath the section where your people list is to appear.

2. Create a second hidden sub-section beneath your PeopleList section. Sub section structureThe name for this second sub-section MUST NOT be PeopleList but can be anything else to help you identify which list the people belong to e.g. 'Visiting staff'.

NB: If you want multiple groups of people in your section you can create extra sub-sections below the PeopleList section to organise each different group.

3. Click Add & Approve to save.

2. Add People list item content types

4. Add one People list item content type, for each person, to your second sub-section. (Find out how to add a content type to a section).

Fill in the form to add content to your People list item, as below:

Name * Give the people list item a name

NB: the items will appear on your page in number/alphabetical order - therefore name the first item: "a. name", the second item: "b. name", the third: "c. name" and so on.
Person name * Name of the person (for example: Dr Joe Bloggs)
Job title * Enter the person's job title
Image * Upload a photo of the person. Minimum image size: 214 x 286 pixels
Website   Enter a link to a professional webpage. This will be linked from the person's name.
Email * Enter the person's email address
Telephone Enter the person's telephone number in this format:  +44 20 7594 XXXX
Address Enter the person's address
Affliations title

Use this field if you would like something other than affiliations in the item, for example: 'Responsibilities' or 'Research Interests'


Enter details of the person's Department/Section/Groups using bullet points e.g.

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Department of Physics
  • Photonics Group

OR if using something other than affiliations, for example, research interests, enter your content here.

Display item? * Must be ticked for it to appear on the page

* Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

3. Add a People list widget content type

5. Add a People list widget content type to the section (page) where you want the list to appear.

Fill in the form:

Name * Give your people list a name
Block Title* This title will be shown above the entire block, if switched on with the field below. Otherwise it will be an 'invisible' screenreader only heading and will ensure your page has a H2
Show block title Ticking this box will make the heading show to all users, not just screenreaders
Find items * Use the 'Select section' button to choose the hidden sub-section that contains the people list items
Display items * Must be ticked for the people list to display

6. Click Add & Approve

NB: If you want to include separate lists of people on a single page, you'll need to add a People list widget for each list you want to add, making sure that each widget links (via the 'Find additional items' field) to a separate hidden sub-section beneath your 'PeopleList' section.