The Colour block content type can be used on all pages with either a Sidebar (on the left) or a Highlight box (aligned within text on the right).

The Sidebar is a great way of making content, like reminders, opening hours etc., stand out. This tutorial covers adding a Colour block in a Sidebar (see left).

Here is a live example

See the left-hand side grey Sidebar to find the live example

Give it a try

To add content types to a sidebar, the sidebar area must be 'activated'.

1. Create a hidden section (page) called Sidebar (Case sensitive) as a sub-section (child) of the section (page) on which the Sidebar will live. This section must be named Sidebar (case sensitive) and hidden from the navigation in order to work. See below, the grey folder indicates it's hidden from the navigation: 

Sidebar folder in place

2.  Add a Colour block content type to the hidden Sidebar section (page). (Find out how to add a content type to a section).

3. Fill in the form. There are four fields, all compulsory, although the Colour* one defaults to the Primary palette:

Colour block content type fields

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the block and give it a concise description e.g. Colour block - training page Yes
Heading* This is the block's title and appears at the top of the block Yes
Box content* Use the editor to add headings, content, bullet points and links. Yes
Colour* Colour select dropdown works in conjunction with the Colour theme section [link] Yes, defaults to Primary colour palette

4. Click Add and Approve to save.

Add and approveFind out how to add a Colour block.