A Twitter feed allows you to display your latest tweets directly on your page; just like the example at the bottom of this page's sidebar. It can be added to any page that has the sidebar enabled.

Give it a try

To add content types to a sidebar, the sidebar area must be 'enabled'.

1. Create a hidden section (page) called Sidebar (case sensitive) as a sub-page (child) of the page on which the Sidebar will live. This section must be named Sidebar (case sensitive) and hidden from the navigation in order to work.

See below, the grey folder indicates it's hidden from the navigation.


2. Add the Twitter feed content type to the hidden Sidebar section. (Find out how to add a content type to a section).

3. Fill in the four compulsory fields. You'll need to generate an embed code from the Twitter Publish page.

  • Paste your Twitter Link (in our case: https://twitter.com/imperialcollege), into What would you like to embed? (white arrow below).

  • Select the Embedded Timeline option (blue arrow below). The Twitter Buttons option is not available to use in t4 yet and will not display on your page if selected. This sends you to a page with the Twitter embed code.

  • Copy the complete embed code from the window, (it begins <a class="Twitter-timeline" ...)

  • Paste this code into the Twitter Embed Code* field in the content type.

Embed code

See the other fields needed below

Form fields

Field titleWhat should I do?Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the content type instance, give it a concise description e.g. 'Twitter feed - training page sidebar' Yes
Twitter Search Term* This is your Twitter username e.g. '@imperialcollege' Yes
Twitter Embed Code* Go to the Twitter Publish page to generate your feed's embed code. See point 3 above. Yes
Twitter Link* This the the address of your Twitter homepage e.g. https://twitter.com/imperialcollege Yes
Twitter Widget -
please do not use
Use the Embed Code option above. This option is no longer available. No
Twitter height* There are three height settings to choose from:
Default (400 pixels), Medium (800 pixels) and Tall (1200 pixels)
Yes, but defaults to the first option

4. Select add and Approve to save.

You can see an example of a completed content input window below:

Content type screen shot