Hiding content

If you wish to temporarily remove content from the published site, you should use the 'expire' function within T4.

For the piece of content concerned, go to 'modify content' and select the 'options' tab, select a time within the 'Expiry date' field (must be in the future!), and then 'Update and approve'.

Expiry screengrab 

approved expired content in t4 Once this time has passed the content will appear on your list as 'Approved / Expired' and at next publish of the section/page, will disappear from your page. You can reinstate the content at any point. Go to modify content, you will be prompted that the expiry date of the content has passed and be asked to review and update as appropriate within the 'Options' tab. The expiry date has been cleared and you'll need to 'Update and approve' your content to reinstate on your section/page at next publish.


Permanently deleting content

inactive content To permanently delete content, choose the 'delete' option from the drop down next to the piece of content.

The content will be marked as 'inactive'. It will remain in your content list until the weekly purge of deleted content. Deleted content is purged first thing on Monday mornings. Any content marked as 'inactive' is then permanently deleted.

If you accidentally click on 'delete', as long as this is before the end of the week, you can go in and use the 'modify content' option and reinstate the content by approving it again.

Hiding sections

If you wish to temporarily remove sections/pages from the published site, there are two options for you.

  1. Remove from navigation by modifying your section/page to remove 'show in navigation' - this will only remove direct access to your section/page from the site navigation, it will not remove the section/page from the published site or from being accessed via direct search.
  2. The only way to remove a section/page completely from the published site is to delete it.

Permanently deleting sections

Be aware that if you are deleting sections/pages from your site you are deleting the section/page and all its sub-sections/sub-pages.

If you wish to permanently delete a section/page, choose the 'delete section' option from the drop down. This will mark the content as 'inactive' and it will appear highlighted red in your site structure. (See example image below).

It will remain in your site structure until the Monday purge of deleted content, this gives you time to change your mind and reinstate the section/page if required.

If you accidentally click on 'delete section', you can go in and use the 'Modify Section' option and reinstate the section/page by approving it again.

Be aware deleting sections/pages can cause broken links elsewhere in the site, take note of where your pages are linked from and inform the affected page owners.

If you have deleted your section/page and it still appears in the live website please contact your Faculty Web Officer.

delete section in t4