Moving content

You can move a piece of content from one page/section to another (As long as you have permission to the destination page/section.)

For the piece of content concerned, go to 'modify content' and select ‘Move’ from the drop down. This will bring up the site structure that you have permissions for. Click on the section you want to add the content to.

Move instructions in T4You will be returned to the original page/section. Go back to the site structure and click on the destination page/section and your content should appear in the content list at the bottom. (You can move the content up to where you want it to sit using the small move arrows and then click Save as.)

Publish both sections/pages to make the changes live.

Moving pages

You can only move section/pages to another part of the T4 site structure that you have permissions to.

Remember when you move a section/page you are moving that page and all its sub-pages/sections.

When you move a section/page in T4 you are changing the web address (URL) of that page, so please contact your Faculty Web Officer for advice prior to moving any pages/sections of your site.

We do not set up redirect rules for site moves.

For further guidance on moving sections/pages please contact your Faculty Web Officer.