The web site navigation comprises of three rows at the top of every page and also in the left hand Sidebar on content pages. The website is fully responsive, that is, it works on all types of screen size (desktop, table, mobile). The position and design of navigation differs according to the device used.

Top row

College logo

The logo is also a link back to the home page.

News bar

The news bar features the two or three latest stories (depending on the page width) and a button on the right going to the main news page.

Second row

Information about the College

With links to the Study, Research and Innovation, Be Inspired and About sections.

Information for people at or coming to the College

Directions, events, links for donors, A-Z lists and audience oriented navigation.


An internally facing Google search.

Third row

This is site specific information unique to each stand-alone website within the overall structure and is contained within the blue banner. A Navigation reset is required to give a set of pages their own banner name and navigation, please contact your faculty web officer for more information.

Banner name

The name of the web site, this links back to the site's home page and features on every page of each self-contained site.

Site specific navigation

Links featured here are genertaed automatically by the sub-pages (children), of the site's home page. A light blue arrow bottom right indicates sub sub-pages (grand-children).


The Sidebar navigation appears in the grey left hand on content pages only and shows all the sub pages on this branch.