A table showing milestones against proposed dates



Phase I

October 2022

New Strategy development launched at President's Inaurgural Address

Strategy Steering Group and Strategy Working Group established

October 2022-January 2023

Workstreams review of Academic Mission:

  • Research and Enterprise
  • Education and Student Experience
  • Societal and Global Engagement

Review of strategic enablers and cross cutting themes: 

  • Enablers: Digital, Physical and Financial 
  • Cross cutting themes: People, Brand, Academic Operations and Sustainability

January 2023

Consultation paper production

Phase II

February-March 2023

Internal and external consultation

Phase III

April-May 2023

Review consultation feedback and produce a draft strategy

June-July 2023

A second round of consultation to refine our approach

August-October 2023

Review feedback and finalise Strategy

October 2023

Launch the Strategy at the President's Address