A Strategy Project Group was set up to facilitate the development of the Strategy through supporting and co-ordinating activities of the workstreams, engaging with the College community and monitoring progress against project milestones. The Strategy Project Group reported in on progress to Provost’s Board.

Strategy Project Group members

  • Katherine Bayliss, Strategic Planning Officer
  • Emma Caseley, Head of Strategic Projects (Education)
  • Helen Challis, Head of International Programme Development
  • Bruno Cotta, Director of Enterprise Strategy
  • Carole Hobden, Senior Strategic Planning Officer (Chair)
  • Angela Kingman, Head of Research Strategy and Development
  • James McSean, Executive Officer to the Provost
  • Tom Miller, Director of Communications and Public Affairs
  • Alastair Nuttall, Executive Officer to the President
  • Andrew Tebbutt, Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach
  • Claire Thorne, Executive Coordinator to the Vice-President (Development and Innovation)
  • Ros Whiteley, Management Trainee (Secretary)