Student documentation can be requested and viewed on your My Documents tile of My Imperial.

All new and returning students must register online for their course prior to the start of the academic year. Students can register for your programme using the My Imperial Student Portal.

Documents that are available:

New students can request and view a statement of registration.

Returning students can request and view a statement of registration and pre-award transcript.

Past students (completed August 2019 onwards) can request a transcript, statement of award and e-certificate.

 Statement of Registration

This letter is used to prove you are a student, whether new or returning. You may use this letter for:

  • student status proof for landlords, banks, student loans company and sponsors
  • travel visa letters/Schengen visa letters
  • invitation for family and friends to visit
  • Council tax exemption
  • Bank Letter*
  • Police registration
  • internships
  • mobile phone or internet contracts

This letter includes your address so please ensure the details are correct on the My Imperial student portal beforehand.

*If using for a Visa or Bank Letter, we will need to address the letter to the Embassy or Bank branch where you will be opening your account. Please inform us of the full address and we will update this for you.


A transcript has all your results for each academic year. This is available for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. Results are only added to a transcript once an academic year is completed.

Statement of Award

This letter confirms your degree and the period of time that you were enrolled at Imperial.


This is a e version of your certificate – please note this document is only valid when viewed online.