This special event was organised by the Graduate School to celebrate the research being carried out by the College’s PhD students.  It provided an opportunity for staff and students of the College to come and find out what research projects are being undertaken and to meet current PhD students.  The Showcase comprises two separate competitions.  The first was a poster competition where students presented their research to both academic and lay judges.  The second was the 'Research as Art, competition where students created a piece of artwork to describe their research.

 Prize Winners 2019

Poster Competition

1st Prize - Richard Daws (Medicine) - The Global Dynamics of Task Switching
2nd Prize - Meera Joshi (Surgery & Cancer) - Identifying Acute Deterioration and Sepsis Through Wearable Sensors 
3rd Prize - Sophie Morse (Bioengineering) - Getting drugs to the brain with ultrasound and microbubbles
People's Choice - Jie Ren (Chemical Engineering) - DMSO-free Cryopreservation of Cellular Products

Research As Art Competition

1st Prize - Martha Kedrzycki (Surgery and Cancer) - GLOW
2nd Prize - Rachel Rodrigues (Medicine) - A Pleasure to
3rd Prize - Susannah Molisso (Chemistry) - Hair Triptych
People's Choice - Martha Kedrzycki (Surgery and Cancer) - GLOW