Welcome to your role as a Postgraduate Representative (Rep)! The Postgraduate Rep Training Framework is designed to help you in your role. It consists of a package of development opportunities to: enhance your ability to represent and work better with others in meetings and departments; negotiate assertively, and to understand systems at College including SSC meetings.

PG Representatives, Academic Staff, Faculties, Student Union, Graduate Student Union and the Graduate School have worked in partnership to design this provision; and it is strongly recommended!

The aims of the ‘Postgraduate Representative Programme’ are to enhance your ability to:

  • Identify your goals and relevant stake holders.
  • Recognise contacts for you as a rep, and how to signpost others.
  • Discuss and explore issues in order to determine appropriate solutions.
  • Devise a flexible approach to assert your views and those of others.
  • Assess contexts to apply your skills and better represent your peers.

Contacts for queries: